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With over thirty five years experience Domain Estates have the expertise, resources and affiliations to help purchasers navigate the property landscape, and to make considered and intelligent buying decisions.

We deal only with established, reputable, and highly qualified builders with a proven track record, that we have quality assured.

Our team of licensed professionals provide a complete service including up to the minute, and well researched advice and assistance with every aspect of property selection and purchase.

Furthermore, with a very extensive, diverse and ever changing stock of house & land packages and townhouses in all locations and price brackets, we provide enormous choice and assist purchasers in evaluating and selecting the most suitable property(s) given their requirements and budget.

Importantly, to ensure a seamless connection with all legal and financial aspects of a purchase we work collaboratively with independent professionals who provide mortgage/finance, legal & accounting/tax services, if and when required.

Alternatively, we would be pleased to consult with your preferred professional(s) with whom you may already have a relationship.

We pride ourselves on delivering a diligent, pragmatic and responsible real estate service to both investors and owner occupiers and view this service provision as a relationship and not
just a one off transaction.

If you are considering a property purchase and would like more information or to explore all your options please CONTACT US.

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