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Sir Francis Bacon

The Knowledge

“Knowledge is power”
                                  – Sir Francis Bacon 1597

This maxim is never truer than when applied to property investment.

At Domain Estates we sincerely believe that all those intending to purchase property should do so with as much knowledge as possible, and should seek expert advice and guidance.

We strongly recommend a 60-90 minute consultation which will:

☑ define your property goals, as an owner occupier &/ or investor

☑ answer all your questions and concerns

☑ establish key parameters and what you can realistically afford

☑ explain the process of investing in property in detail from start to finish

☑ explain the benefits of buying  Off-the-Plan, Turnkey, Fixed Price      

☑ explain the “building process” and critical phases such as slab,frame,lock-up and payments due at each step

☑ explain the differences in “Finance” for established vs off-the-plan

☑ explain what constitutes a “good” Land Estate and a “good” Block

☑ give you an overview of the current property market and what is available

☑ demystify the property industry and the “property myths

You will be amazed at how much clarity you will have and how empowered you will feel!

This consultation will also allow us to explain all our services and how you will benefit by having Domain Estates guide and advise you.

We urge you to book an obligation free consultation today.

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